Adult Ministry

Each week we offer a wide variety of Bible studies, education classes, discipleship courses and adult fellowship groups designed to meet the needs of each stage of the journey. Not only will you find excellent teachers, but also warm and welcoming communities striving together towards maturity in Christ. Whether you are taking your first steps into the Christian life or are a long-time pilgrim, you will find a place to connect. 




Early Bird Bible Study  |  8:15 am
The Basement (Admin Building, Lower Courtyard)

Warm fellowship and refreshments start the worship day, followed by prayer and great teaching by Pastor Bill Bennett.

Hope Builders  |  11:00 am
The Basement (Admin Building, Lower Courtyard)

This dynamic, large group is filled with loving fellowship, heartfelt prayer, and caring support, with Rev. Glenn DeMaster teaching solid Bible lessons. Enjoy refreshments and friendship while learning to balance the keys of healthy Christ-following, which is belonging, growing, serving, reaching out, and worshipping.

Becomers  |  11:15 am
The Lounge (Sanctuary Building, Lower Courtyard)

People of all ages and marital statuses meet to learn positive Bible truths and receive love and support in this group, led by Dr. Jim Kok, retired Pastor of Care Ministries.

Candlelight Fellowship  |  5:00 pm
The Basement (Admin Building, Lower Courtyard)

Join us on Sunday evenings for a time of worship, teaching, prayer and warm fellowship, as we end the day together.




We’ve chosen to be a faith community focused on spiritual formation with God. We’re so excited to do and teach everything Jesus said, and we hope you’ll join us as explore biblical teachings, and learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Each summer, join members and staff for midweek classes on campus that help us deepen and further our relationship with, and knowledge of, Jesus. Class topics vary and are taught by Shepherd’s Grove pastors.

If you are interested in our Grow Classes, please visit the CONNECT table on Sunday, or email




We believe that discipleship and spiritual growth happens in small groups. We thrive when we’re in community with each other, and the same was true for Jesus. His twelve disciples were essentially a small group. They did life together, they walked together through trials, and they celebrated and rejoiced together. Our hope is that our small groups do the same, growing in our faith with God, and encouraging and praying for one another.

Launched three times a year, our 10-week small group cycles are centered on growing your relationship with God, gathering with his people, and giving back to our community during our 10-week cycles.