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Equipping and encouraging every member of our church family in the life-long process of following Jesus is a primary value at IPC. Each week we offer a wide variety of Bible studies, education classes, discipleship courses and adult fellowship groups designed to meet the needs of each stage of the journey. Not only will you find excellent teachers, but also warm and welcoming communities striving together towards maturity in Christ. Whether you are taking your first steps into the Christian life or are a long-time pilgrim, you will find a place to connect. 


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Five Love Languages Class
Sundays, 10:30–11:45 am
April 2, 9, 23 & 30
(No class Easter 4/16)
Jack Davis Room

Learn the “five love languages” and how Ruth in the Old Testament spoke those languages. David Cheng will show you how to assess your own preferredlove language, as well as those of others. In doing so, you’ll be more able to communicate love, and to be loved more effectively.

Contact: Gabe Fung

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Ask a Christian

*  *  If you missed this adult education series, you can still view the videos. See the links in the right column.  * *

Long-time journalist Hugh Hewitt asks veteran parachurch apologist and missionary Don Barkley about the fundamentals of the faith. Here are some questions and topics that will be covered:

  • Who is Jesus? And how do we know he is Jesus? 
  • The resurrection:  What if Jesus didn’t rise from the dead? But what if he did?
  • The Bible:  Is it different than other sacred books?
  • The message of Christianity:  Good news or good advice?
  • Do all roads lead to heaven? Are the religions all that different?
  • What does the so-called Christian life look like? Why do so many Christians fall into "major scandal"?



Wednesday Night Refuel

For information on our current adult ed series at our midweek gathering, Refuel, click the link below.





[Classes available upon request] 

How comfortable are you about talking about God with people in your world? Is it even possible? It is. We will learn, not only how to converse about God, but also how to listen and to pose good questions. This class will help you respond thoughtfully to major intellectual objections to Christianity. 

Each two-hour session covers reading topics, study, discussion and practice in conversation.

To sign up, contact the instructor, Don Barkley.