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Franz Schubert’s Mass in G Major

On Sunday, June 1, we’ll enjoy worshipping with the Chancel Choir and small string orchestra as they sing and play movements from the Franz Schubert’s Mass in G Major, which will be incorporated into our IPC Sunday morning worship service? Here are some answers to some questions you may have:

What language is used in Mass in G Major?
The choir will be singing in Latin, the traditional language of the Catholic Mass. Most, but not all, musical settings of the Mass are in Latin.

Why Latin?
With the spread of the Church into different cultures using different languages, having a standard language for the Catholic liturgy provided a common connection between believers. This universality meant that you could walk into any church in any country and have the ability to hear and say the same prayers and responses offered in a familiar language. This helped unify the Church. Latin is also a simple language that is easily understood, and when phrases are repeated in music, it reinforces the meaning as reflected in the composition.

How will the Mass in G Major fit into our Sunday morning worship service?
The Mass is usually divided into several sections, which echo the various elements that might be included in a typical service, for example:
•  The Kyrie leads us into confession.
•  The Gloria is a celebratory passage praising God and Christ.
•  The Sanctus focuses on the holy nature of the Trinity.

For more information, contact Lisa Frank, Worship Ministries Leader.

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