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Marriage Sermon Series: begins

Sermon Series: Marriage

Made for Relationship: Marriage, Singleness, and the Christian Life
September 14–October 19

In his book, Washed and Waiting, Dr. Wesley Hill says, “The love of God is better than any human love. Yes, that’s true, but that doesn’t change the fact that I feel—in the deepest parts of who I am—that I am wired for human love. I want to be married. And the longing isn’t mainly for sex…it is mainly for the day-to-day, small kind of intimacy where you wake up next to a person you’ve pledged your life to, and then you brush your teeth together, you read a book in the same room without necessarily talking to each other, you share each other’s small joys and heartaches.”

While there is truth in this statement, the brokenness in our lives sometimes presents an altogether different reality. Whether we are single or married, we long for a relationship in which we are fully known and wholly loved. Some of us who are single have deep friendships with others in which we find just that, while there are some of us who are married who may feel as isolated and alone as if we were living out a solo existence on a deserted island. We were all made for human relationships that reflect the intimacy the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit share within the Godhead.

Over the next five weeks we will explore this God-given desire for intimacy with another through looking at the scripture’s teaching on marriage, singleness, and the call to discipleship in the Christian life.

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