Faith Commitment 2018

God has exciting plans in store for us and our new partnership with Shepherd’s Grove. With our communities’ unique strengths, we will certainly be better together as we strive to make an impact for God's kingdom. An official merging of our two churches will take some time to plan and finalize, however. In this interim, we are relying on the financial support of our congregation.

Your pledge will:

  • Give IPC Session the information it needs to better plan and collaborate with Shepherd's Grove regarding ongoing and future ministries.

Your faithful and consistent giving will:

  • Allow IPC to continue, at its current level, to pay staff, support on-campus ministries, and maintain local and global missions programs.

If you have made your pledge and would like information on how to give online, please visit our Stewardship page.




Anne Eng
Finance Manager
949.786.9627, ext. 207