Irvine Feeds The World

C O M M U N I T Y   S E R V E

This September, we are hosting a 3-day, family-friendly service event to fight world hunger. In partnership with Kids Around The World’s One Meal Program, we will assemble 50,000 meals to feed hungry children. Be a part of this community event!

 All volunteers sessions are one hour each, except for Jenny Hart Preschool, which are half hour.

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FRIDAY / 9 .14 .18 /  5–7 pm
Jenny Hart Preschool parents and their kids • Jenny Hart staff

  • Instill community service in your kids early
  • Make friends with other Jenny Hart parents

FRIDAY / 9 .14 .18 / 7–9 pm
Woodbridge High School students and clubs

  • Participate in a worthwhile cause
  • Get community service hours 
  • Gift card giveaways


SATURDAY / 9 .15 .18  / 10 am–1 pm  or  5:30–7:30 pm
Irvine neighbors and church community groups

  • Join hands with neighbors, friends, or small groups for this worthy cause
  • Potluck at the 5:30 session


SUNDAY / 9 .16 .18 / 9:30 am–1:30 pm
Sunday church congregation

  • Participate in this worthwhile cause with your church family


Curtis Drever
Director of Local Missions