Local Missions

Message from Curtis Drever, Leader of Local Missions

It's our desire to see our entire church community participate in what God is doing in Orange County and Mexico. Locally, there are many opportunities to demonstrate Christ's love in practical, life-affirming ways! If you don’t know where to begin, this page lists local outreach programs in which our church regularly participates.

If you’re interested in joining any of these service projects, reach out to the contact persons listed with the organizations below. If you don't seem to see an exact fit, contact me directly — new opportunities are constantly arising, and may not be listed yet. I will do my best to help you find a place where you can serve with the gifts God has given you!

Mexico is also part of our church's local mission. We invite you to explore several ways we share the love of Christ with our brothers and sisters in Mexico. Visit the El Niño and Tijuana sections of our Local Missions – Mexico section for more information.

Curtis Drever, Leader of Local Missions

Local Outreach Programs

3rd Saturday Night Service Project (3SNSP)

Meets every third Saturday of the month
5:30 pmFellowship Hall
IPC Contact: Curtis Drever

As faith community we can have a great impact on our local neighbors. Each month we will learn about a different ministry or organization that is making a difference. From time to time, we’ll also hear personal stories of how serving others has made a difference in our lives. Our gathering is family friendly and IPC guest friendly, and a time where we can eat, socialize, and serve together on the third Saturday of each month.

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Beyond Borders

IPC Contact: Jennifer Dietz

Beyond Borders is an extension of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and introduces international students to American life and being a Christian. They host weekly studies and get-togethers, as well as events around American holidays. Give international students the opportunity to learn about your family and holiday traditions by hosting students for dinner; or prepare meals for Beyond Borders events or host an event at your home.

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Families Forward

IPC Contact: Jacquie Boslet

Families Forward is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving low-income and homeless families in South Orange County. IPC participates in hosting food drives on campus at IPC and at City Wide Food Drives at grocery stores.

During the month of May, IPC hosts a food drive for Families Forward. Most needed items:  2 lb. bags of rice, cereal, peanut butter, canned chicken, canned beans. All REGULAR sized items please. Lists of food items are available at the Missions patio table. Bring your donations and drop them off at the table, or in the barrel provided, on any Sunday in May. 

. . . . . . . . . . .

Family Promise

Contacts: Kerstin Tabbert

IPC has partnered with Family Promise of Orange County. Together, our mission is to assist homeless and low-income families in economic crisis or transition by providing safe shelter in the evening, a hot meal, and place to feel comforted and cared for while they get back on their feet. We need folks to help set up and break down sleeping quarters, prepare meals, visit with families, and be overnight hosts.

2017 Hosting Schedule

Jan 29–Feb 5
Sept 10–17

Facility Setup/Breakdown

  • Setup: We'll inflate beds and put on sheets and blankets. 
  • Breakdown: We'll deflate beds and throw beddings into the wash on Sunday morning.

Meal Provision

  • We’ll provide seven hot meals. Please prepare for the no. of our guests, and for any volunteers that are staying or dinner.
  • IMPORTANT | Meals should be different each day. Requested: entrée, (possible side dish; depending on entree), salad and dessert — team up with some friends and provide one of each to complete a meal!
  • Volunteers also dine and visit with guests

Overnight Hosting

  • Two Persons Required. Preferred male/female team, but any combination acceptable.
  • Stays overnight with guests — arrive at 8 pm; stay until 7 am the next day
  • May also join guests for dinner — notify the dinner lead cook/contact
  • Assists with breakfast and lunch prep (food items will be provided)
  • Makes coffee, sets out breakfast the next morning, and does clean up
  • Friday night hosts will help guests prepare a hot breakfast on Saturday morning; and guests leave at 9 am.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Food Voucher Distribution Program *

IPC Contact:  Merlin Eelkema

IPC’s Mission Outreach Team distributes food vouchers at church on the first weekend of every month to needy families. During the voucher distribution time, we prepare hot breakfasts for participants and get to know them and their stories. Come join us as we serve a welcomed hot breakfast. Spanish-­speaking volunteers are especially needed to assist with translation.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Have Stitches, Will Travel  (Knitting Team) *

IPC Contacts: Suzanne Kameya or Mimi Laue

This group of IPC women knits, crochets and sews blankets, hats, bonnets, prayer shawls and many other items to meet people's needs in the name and service of Jesus. Their handiwork is sent all over the world by our church and missionaries in the field. Visit the Women's Ministry section for more information. 

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Ministry Contact: Kristen Eelkema

KidWorks was established to transform challenged neighborhoods within central Santa Ana by building on the strengths and potential in the community through education, character formation and personal development. Volunteer opportunities include being an afterschool tutor, computer lab assistant, library aide, preschool helper, teen mentor, creative arts instructor and administrative assistant. You’re also welcome to meet at Kidworks the first Tuesday of every month to take care of preschoolers while their parents attend workshops on parenting, the U.S. education system, and other important topics.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Orange County Rescue Mission (OCRM)

IPC Contact: Curtis Drever   

The Orange County Rescue Mission is a Christian, faith-based, non-profit organization that exists solely to share the love of God with the Orange County homeless population. IPC’s Men’s Ministry currently serves meals to the Men’s Shelter on a regular basis. OCRM also has a unique program caring for all aspects of students’ needs while enrolled in their New Life program. Students can complete the program in 6–18 months. One year after graduating, a student should be self-sufficient without government welfare. There are many different opportunities to serve — sign up at rescuemission.org.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Pizza Friday (a.k.a. Jesus Pizza) *

IPC Contact: Sandra Smith   

Pizza Friday has been an outreach ministry to the kids of Woodbridge High School for the past 16 years. We offer an inexpensive lunch and a safe place for students to meet (two youth lounges, church steps, grassy areas); they have a chance to rest, relax and have some fun before returning to class. We need many hands. About 24 people, each week, are needed to serve approximately 500-600 students quickly, while role modeling hospitality, a servant’s heart, and God’s love. Many of the students have never been on a church campus. We want them to remember the way they were treated and welcomed while they were with us.

If you have an hour to spare on a Friday, and can smile, say a kind word, and pass out pizza at the same time, you are perfect for this ministry. You need only three to five seconds to touch someone’s heart and make a difference in their lives. God gave IPC this perfect location (which is not considered off-campus to WHS!) — and He most definitely wants us to use the gift of our location for His purposes.

. . . . . . . . . . . 

Royal Family Kids Camp

Next Event: Sunday, July 30–August 4

Contact: Randy German

Each summer a team of approximately 100 volunteers provide a week-long camp experience for local children, ages 7–11, from Orange County’s foster care system. The mission is to build self-esteem, model and teach the love of Christ, and impart hope and provide a positive memory for abused and neglected foster children from our local community.

Following camp, there is an opportunity to participate in a year-round mentoring program. We are seeking volunteers for our 2016 camp which will take place in San Diego County.

To learn more, or apply to join this local mission, visit rockharbor.royalfamilykids.org or contact Randy German.

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Samaritan's Purse (Operation Christmas Child)

Ministry Contact: Barbara Robison

Operation Christmas Child brings joy and hope to children around the world through gift-filled shoe boxes and the Good News of God's love. In November of each year, IPC participates in filling shoe boxes and helping in the Orange County Processing Center to carefully inspect and prepare each box for overseas shipment.

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Search Ministries

Ministry Contact: Don Barkley

Don Barkley has served as the Orange County Area Director for Search Ministries since 1984. Don is an active member of IPC and teaches several classes each year.

Don enjoys teaching and conducting open forums, serving as a framework for his ministry. Many in the IPC community have hosted open forums at their homes (a gathering of friends for the purpose of interacting on significant life and God issues). If you have friends or family who are asking important life questions — if there is a God, how do they know He's real — contact Don. He is an incredible resource.


. . . . . . . . . . .

Southwest Community Center

IPC Contact: Toby Weissert, 949.642.2448
Ministry Contact: Connie Jones, 1601 West 2nd Street, Santa Ana, CA 92703, 714.547.4073

The second Sunday of each month, 12:30–3 pm, a group from IPC meets at Southwest Center in Santa Ana to prepare and serve a luncheon to those in need. The two and a half hour commitment includes preparing the meal, serving the food, praying with and meeting the guests and clean-up. There are other opportunities to volunteer at Southwest Center. Contact the Center for more information. 

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Sunday Nights Together Community Dinner

IPC Contacts: Ryan and Jennifer Thibault

The third Sunday of every other month, a group of IPC families prepare a dinner at The Grand Street Center in Orange where they serve approximately 80 homeless people. Volunteer opportunities include planning the meal, preparing the meal, helping make sack lunches for the guests to take with them for the next day, helping set the tables, cooking and serving, then visiting with the guests.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Young Life, Irvine

YoungLife, Wyldlife Irvine Contact: Aaron Cardinio
YoungLife College, Chapman UniversityContacts: Mackenzie Beveridge and Dana Ayoob

Young Life is a Christ-centered relational ministry to junior high, high school and college students on various campuses throughout Irvine. Volunteers are needed to lead small groups of students, host a Sunday evening leadership dinner, participate in the adult support team, or be a mentor to a leader by meeting with them one or two times a month for coffee.

Church Plants and Local Outreach Ministries

CANVAS OC is a church plant and fresh expression of the Presbyterian Church in Irvine, Calif. They are passionately committed to creating a healthy, vibrant and imaginative expression of the body of Christ in the community. Self-desribed as a community of artists, thinkers, musicians, foodies, travelers, dreamers, question-askers and fun-lovers, CANVAS believes:

  1. Love is the name of the game
  2. The main job as humans is to make the world a better place

Consequently, they regularly find ways to experience beauty, hang out, eat well and serve the local community.

Learn more at www.canvasoc.org.

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Cornerstone Church of Orange County is a missional faith community committed to spreading the message of reconciliation to God through Jesus Christ; to bring about personal changes, social healing, and cultural renewal.

The congregation began as the English-speaking ministry of Formosan Presbyterian Church. In 2006, God called them to a new vision to form a new church development. This new vision included financial independence, an autonomous governing body, and a multicultural mission. For this early stage of development, Cornerstone’s desire was to partner in ministry with the English ministries of Taiwanese congregations and serve as an independent congregation within the Taiwanese Presbyterian Conference.

Cornerstone's purpose is one of "Nurturing faith. Renewing hope. Expressing love."

Learn more at  www.occornerstone.org.


Short-Notice Service Team

Interested in serving God and community when an emergent missions opportunity arises in our local area?

Fill out this form and Curtis Drever, Leader of Local Missions, will put you on our "On Call" list to serve on IPC's Short-Notice Serve Team.


Every 3rd Saturday of the month

Everyone is invited to the 3rd Saturday Night Service Project (3SNSP). We’ll have a potluck dinner, socialize, and do a family-friendly service project.

For more info on the next event, contact Curtis Drever.



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