Membership Information (Part 1)

General Information

Legal Name *
Legal Name
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Date of Birth
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Cell Phone No.
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Home Phone No.
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Baptism: Date
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This is requested for official presbytery rolls.
Marital Status *
Marriage Date (if applicable)
Marriage Date (if applicable)
How did you come to know about IPC?
(Examples: teaching, marketing, accounting, financial, music, A/V, etc.)
Will you be joining by: *
If you'll be joining by Certificate of Transfer, please provide name and address of church so that we can request your transfer.


After you complete Part 2 of the membership form, your information will be reviewed, and you will be contacted by a member of Session who will schedule a meeting to discuss the next steps in continuing the membership process. At that meeting you will be asked to review and sign our Membership Covenant.

You may want to review the covenant in advance of your meeting.

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Should you questions regarding the membership process or have questions on how to fill out this form, email Linda Maestas, or call 949.786.9627, ext. 201.