Jeff Lewis
California Baptist University, Redlands CA
May 3 |  World Christian Discipleship | See what it means to integrate life for Christ’s global purpose as a “’World Christian.” Explore practical ways of pursuing God’s purpose through business and mission, short-term mission, and welcoming international visitors. Gain wisdom in working with local churches and in partnership with Christians in different parts of the world.


Cecil Stalnaker
Greater Europe Mission, Valencia CA
April 19 | The Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches|  Look beyond institutional features of churches to understand churches as dynamic movements of Christ Himself being followed. See churches as counter-communities, acting as salt and light, bringing change to their cultures. Learn how movements multiply by connecting with entire families and larger social structures.


Brad Buser
Director Radius International, San Diego CA
Mar 22 |  How Shall They Hear?  | Study culture and intercultural communication of the gospel. See how communicating the gospel with relevance at the worldview level helps avoid syncretism (the blending of cultural error with God’s truth).


James Mason
Frontier Ventures, Perspectives Study Program, Pasadena CA
Mar 15 |  The Task Remaining | God has pressed His purpose forward until the present hour. Become familiar with the concept of “unreached peoples” to assess the remaining task. See the imbalance of mission resources and how it shapes strategic priorities. Understand the need for urban mission.


Robert Blincoe
Frontiers, Phoenix AZ
March 8 | Pioneers of the World Christian Movement  | Today we anchor the race by continuing what others have begun. It’s a day of finishing. All the more reason to learn the wisdom and the heart of ordinary people who did extraordinary things.


Andy Pearce
International Students, Inc., San Gabriel CA
March 1 | Eras of Mission History | The greatest explosion of growth ever, has taken place in last 200 years in three “bursts” of activity. See how the global harvest force is comprised increasingly of non-Western missionaries.


Todd Ahrend
The Traveling Team, Fayetteville AR
February 23 | The Expansion of the Christian Movement|  The story of God’s purpose continues relentlessly from Abraham’s day until the present moment. Learn how the gospel is surging through the peoples and places of the world today.


Colleen Wong
Barnabas International, West Hills CA
February 16 | Unleashing the Gospel|  Study how the first followers of Jesus were obedient in costly but foundational ways in the book of Acts. See how the gospel allowed Gentiles to be free without the requirements of Jewish traditions. Strategic suffering and apostolic passion are also discussed.


CS Riggs
The Call, Pasadena CA
February 9 | Mandate for the Nations | Jesus shows great strategic interest in Gentiles. Learn about strategic focus— initiating a global mission on a few disciples among the Hebrew people, and learn about pluralism (all religions the same) and universalism (all persons saved).


Larry Walker
WEC International, San Marcos CA
February 2 |  Your Kingdom Come |  Learn about God’s purpose regarding evil—how God has accomplished a defeat of evil powers in order to open a season of history in which the nations can freely follow Christ.


Mike Brown
Soma Burbank, Burbank CA
January 26 |  The Story of His Glory |  Explore God’s purpose for Himself—how God has been steadily unfolding a plan throughout all nations and generations to bring about His greater glory, ultimately drawing to Himself the worship of all the peoples.