A Small Group Study Resource


This fall, we will read the book S.H.A.P.E.: Finding & Fulfilling Your Unique Purpose for Life, by Erik Rees.

The study will address questions such as: "What are your spiritual gifts?" and "How is God calling you to find fulfillment in serving Him and your community?"

How Can You Participate?

All are welcome to participate in the study of S.H.A.P.E.  Here are some ways to do that:

  1. Sign up for a 6-week Wednesday evening group that meets at 6:30 pm, after the Wednesday Night REFUEL family meal.
    Session: October 2–November 6
    Location: Fellowship Hall
  2. Sign up for a 12-week Sunday morning group that meets during the 8:30–9:30 am Education Hour that begins in September.
    Session: September 22–December 8
    Location: Admin Conference Room
  3. If you are already in a small group, you might want to study S.H.A.P.E. concurrently in one of the two study groups above.
  4. If you are interested in leading a new small group that studies S.H.A.P.E., or are interested in adding someone to your existing small group, let us know.

S.H.A.P.E. books cost $12.50 each and will be available for purchase at the sign-up tables on the patio and on the first day of class.

Questions?  Contact Vickie Riedl or Eun Beenen



"Erik Rees has written a comprehensive and compelling book to help every follower of Jesus uncover, unlock, and unleash their unique contribution to building the kingdom on purpose in ways that bring glory to God, benefits to others, and joy to one's self.  Enjoy the journey and get ready for the life you were made to live."  – Denny Bellesi, Author, KIngdom Assignment, Founding Pastor, Coast Hills Community Church, Aliso Viejo, CA

"Our leader is a Servant. But we can be slow to follow. Erik Rees has written the servant's manual and it's accessible, illuminating, applicable, and inspiring."  – John Ortberg, Teaching Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church