Student Ministries

Our vision at Student Ministries is for students and young adult volunteers to be adopted into the church community while they discover how to live life as a disciple of Jesus Christ by living “up, in, and out”  (John 1:14, Phil. 2:5-11, 1 Thess. 2:5-11).

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Jr. High Ministry 

Sunday Mornings

9:30 am  Combined junior high & high school class  |  Fireside Alcove
11:15 am – Junior high only |  Fireside Alcove

Students hang out and hear a message on the same passage being taught in the sanctuary service. We encourage you to discuss Sunday's message with your kids on your drive home!

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Monday Nights

The Lounge (6th–8th Grade youth group)
7–8:30 pm

Room TBD

The Lounge is designed to be a Sabbath night for kids. We believe that in the busy lives of students, they deserve a night to relax, have fun, and just be a kid. Because of this, The Lounge includes three key features: hangout time (fellowship with one another), play time (crazy fun games), and message time (learning Scripture to grow in relationship with Christ).

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Junior High Summer Camp 2018
July 15–20
Details to come

Junior High Winter Camp 2019
Date: TBD
Details to come

High School Ministry

Sunday Mornings

9:30 am – Combined junior high & high school class |  Fireside Alcove
11:15 am – High school only |  Students meet in Fireside Alcove then proceed to main service

Students hang out and hear a message on the same passage being taught in the sanctuary service. We encourage you to discuss Sunday's message with your kids on your drive home!

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Wednesday Nights

Eikon  (9th–12th Grade youth group)
7–8:30 pm
The Basement

Eikon is the Greek word for "image of God." We named our group Eikon because we believe we are a community called to action as image bearers of the King. God has called us to both prepare for his “future" Kingdom, but also to usher in his “present” Kingdom, and this is what Eikon is all about. His present kingdom, and this is what Wednesday night is all about. We have fun together, play some games, speak on Scripture, and have some small group time so we can discover what it means to be sons and daughters of Christ, made in His image to reflect Him in all that we do.

For more information on serving in this area, contact Erin Marschke at 949.786.9627, ext. 204 during office hours.

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High School Summer Camp 2018
July 29–August 3
Details to come

High School Winter Camp 2019
Date: TBD
Details to come

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Friday Pizza Lunch

Fridays, during Woodbridge High School lunch break on the patio

Each Friday during Woodbridge High's school lunch break, IPC provides food for hundreds of Woodbridge High School students. The cost is $3 for two large, tasty slices of pizza and a cold soft drink. 

Our purpose is to create a welcoming environment for students who wouldn't normally go to church, and for our High School Ministry to model Jesus' example of serving by waiting on our friends.

Contact Sandra Smith to volunteer and for more information.


Ministry Contacts

Erin Marschke
Interim Director of Student Ministries
949-786-9627, ext. 204

Christina Brantuk
Family Ministries Assistant
949.786.9627, ext. 218

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Medical Release Form

A medical release form is required for each to student to participate in any off campus events such Jr. High or High School All Nighters, Winter and Summer Camps, Summer Poolside etc. Download the Medical Release Form.

Child Protection Policy

We believe that God has called us to care for and protect the children whom he has entrusted to us. All adults working with minors on a frequent and regular basis at IPC will be selected, trained, managed, and evaluated in accordance with the selection and training procedures and guidelines for conduct set forth in the Child Protection, Abuse Prevention and Reporting Policy.

To obtain a copy of the policy, or for additional information, contact the church office at 949.786.9627.