Wednesday Nights

Adult Education Classes

Active Parenting Now  (Parenting)

Wednesdays, January 22–February 26
Minimum no. of class participants required:  8
Contact:  Zandra Wilson

Being a parent today can be challenging, and positive parenting skills with healthy communication are more important than ever.  You are invited to learn and discuss how to: teach crucial life skills, use effective alternatives to punishment, eliminate power struggles, and help kids develop responsibility and resiliency.

Classes are for parents of children through age 12. Books for this class can be purchased for $10 at registration.

Visionary Parenting  (Parenting)

Wednesdays, January 22–February 26
Minimum no. of class participants required:  8
Contact:  Zandra Wilson

Being a parent is an incredibly demanding calling and responsibility, and God has a greater plan for your family than just “getting through” each day—he has a grand vision for your home, and for your children. 

In this workshop, we'll guide you in creating a spiritual life with your family—to create a less chaotic, and more peaceful home environment, centered around Jesus.

Workshops are for parents and grandparents with children or grandchildren ages 0-18. Books for this workshop can be purchased for $10 at registration.


Many sincere Christians often find their progress in evangelism hindered by a lack of confidence in graciously initiating meaningful spiritual discussion. They make little progress on the road to evangelism because they don’t trust their shoes—they lack traction.
Join Traction to learn how to talk to people about spiritual matters. You’ll learn to meet people “where they are” and converse about what they believe and value while helping them reflect on fundamental life questions. 



Sign up for classes on the patio Sundays mornings.

Childcare for parents attending classes at REFUEL. If you would like to register for childcare for the winter session, you may do so by filling out the following form: 

REFUEL Childcare Registration

NOTE:  Register for childcare by January 19 for the winter session. 

Forms may be returned by email to Linda Maestas mailed, or handed in to the church office.