What We Believe

We believe in the greatest epic story of all stories.

The all-wise and holy God, the Creator of all things, gave humanity the supreme gift: the capacity for relationship and rule with Him. But we rebelled, bringing estrangement from God, conflict with others, and brokenness in our own souls. As His creatures, we are both loved and lost; we are made for Him, but separated from Him.

But that's not the end of the story.

Because of God's great love, he entered into history to rescue and restore us.  Becoming like us and yet living a perfect life, he loved us even to the point of death. As the royal Son of God, he died for us as if he were the rebel, so that we rebels might live as royalty with Him. Once runaways, we are now held in the fatherly embrace of the King himself, treated as beloved sons and daughters, given the highest calling of sharing His healing and reconciling love with the world.

Therefore, we believe that Jesus Christ is central to everything we do at IPC. He is one with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit who together exist as one God, three in one. Christ has been given all authority in heaven and earth and is the only mediator under heaven by which we can be saved, and will come again to establish peace and justice under His authority and reign.

We believe that anyone who trusts in Jesus Christ is reconciled to God, assured of forgiveness, and inhabited by the Holy Spirit, and can, by following Him, experience His life-changing power, love, and joy. We believe that nothing in ourselves merits this relationship with Him, and that nothing — not even death — can steal our confidence in His faithful love.

We believe this great epic and all these things because we believe in the authority of the Bible as the word of God and that it is complete, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and confirmed by Jesus Christ, who is risen from the dead. And, by the word of God, we can know how to relate to God, to each other, and to the world. 

We believe that the church is not the building, but the family of believers, imperfect but called to love God completely, to love each other, and to love others compassionately, by His power and in His name.

Together, we will follow Jesus as Lord, make disciples, and engage our culture with God's transforming love.



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We also affirm the summary of biblical doctrine contained in the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed.