Women’s Ministry

“A friend loves at all times ... ” (Proverbs 17:17, ESV)

At Women’s Ministry gatherings, we love to see women interacting with one another. It’s wonderful when old friends can greet each other, but also a pleasure when we can welcome newcomers. The relationships we form in our lives are so important. Don't walk this journey alone — join us!

Women's Bible Study
Have Stitches, Will Travel (Knitting Team)
Hearts, Hands and Hope (Blanket Ministry)

Women's Bible Study

9:00–11:15 am
The Lounge

On Wednesdays mornings, we learn more about our wonderful Savior and how we can grow in our relationship with Him! Women of all ages are welcome and will enjoy worship, fellowship, prayer, and discussion. Let’s get to know one another and draw closer to Jesus! For more information, email irvinepreswbs@gmail.com.

For details on the current study, visit the Events page.

Have Stitches, Will Travel (Knitting Team)


1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, 1–3 pm
Meets September through June

Contacts: Suzanne Kameya or Mimi Laue

We are the knitting, crocheting, and sewing ministry of IPC created to meet people's needs in the name and service of Jesus Christ. Whether you prefer to work on smaller items like hats and scarves, or the larger items like prayer shawls or lap blankets, we welcome your participation. When you are knitting or crocheting for one of our mission projects, we can provide yarn to you free of charge. We also offer free crochet hooks suitable for making the smaller items. Completed articles are donated to children and adults in need, from near to far. From beginners to experts, or somewhere in-between, all are welcome! Many of our regular knitters or crocheters are excellent and patient teachers if you want to learn.

We offer two work options:

Meet together on the church campus |  We meet every Monday in the Fireside Alcove from 1-3 pm (September–June). July and August we meet only on the first Monday of the month. We take time during our regular gathering to pray over completed items on the first Monday of each month. We pray for the person who will ultimately receive our gift. We pray for Christ's gift of salvation to grace that person's life and for the Lord to draw the person near in comfort and compassion. Even if you only have an hour to spare, or can only make it once or twice a month, you are welcome to join us. No need to RSVP. Just come and join the fun.

Work at home at your own pace  |  We will share our supply of yarn with you to work at home, at your own pace. Recognizing that not everyone is available to meet on Monday afternoons, we've arranged it so that you can still be part of our ministry! Also, some people prefer to knit, crochet or sew when they are waiting at a doctor's appointment, as part of their evening routine, or while watching television. If you are one of these people, we still welcome you to be a part of Have Stitches Will Travel!

How to Make a Prayer Shawl

IMPORTANT: Please only use Lion Brand Homespun Yarn. This is the best yarn for this purpose because of its wonderful softness.

Knitting Instructions

  • Begin with three skeins of Lion Brand Homespun Yarn.

  • Use #11 or #13 needles, making a loose weave.

  • Pray for the future recipient as you knit. Begin by casting on 54, 57, 60 or 63 stitches. Garter stitch. If you prefer a pattern, knit 3 purl 3 to the end of the row. Turn and knit the purl and purl the knit. If you have 57 or 63 stitches, it works out that you will begin every row with a knit. Before you begin the third skein, set aside the yarn you will need for the fringe for both ends. Cut your fringe pieces in 11-inch lengths to tie onto both ends of the shawl. Finished length of fringe will be 5 inches. Shawls should measure between 24–26 inches wide and 60-plus inches long (finish the yarn on your last skein.)

Crocheting Instructions

  • Begin with four skeins of Lion Brand Homespun Yarn using Crochet Hook N; or, three skeins with Crochet Hook P. Pray for the future recipient as you crochet.

  • Chain 56 with N; or Chain 50 with P. Single crochet or do a pattern of your choice. Crochet Hook N makes a heavier shawl. Set aside the yarn for fringe before starting last skein. Cut your fringe pieces in 11-inch lengths to tie onto both ends of the shawl. Finished length of fringe will be 5 inches. Shawls should measure 22–25 inches wide and 60-plus inches long (finish the yarn on your last skein.)

Written Prayers Accompany Prayer Shawls

To each prayer shawl, attach a prayer card and/or a message from the maker. We can provide you with these prayer cards to attach. If you are an at-home worker, make sure you bring your completed shawls to us to pray over on the first Monday of the month.

Hearts, Hands and Hope (Blanket Ministry) 


We make baby blankets for needy children. These blankets are made of two pieces of flannel sewn together and then volunteers crochet around the outside edge. All materials are supplied. 

These blankets are great to work on while traveling, sitting at sporting events, or watching TV on your time.  We have sent blankets to Mexico, Japan, Africa, Haiti, also to Women’s Shelters, and to the Foster Children program. There are many ways to help — a little or a lot! 

If you sew, crochet, or would like to learn how to do either, you can be a part of this ministry.  

Contact: Talene Stone


UPlifting Yoga
Thursdays | 9–10:15 am

The Basement

Yoga led by certified instructor, Rhonda Blaze. All ages/levels welcome. Bring yoga mat and a friend. $5 donation. For more info, call or text 949.533.9139.