Year-end Giving

God is Closing in on Our Year-end Goal!

As treasurer of IPC this past year I’ve had the opportunity to report regularly about IPC’s financial situation, and although I get nervous doing it, I’ve come to realize that it’s not about me asking you to give more—it’s about God working in our lives. I’ve experienced, firsthand, God’s amazing faithfulness and all of your willingness to be called to give generously. 
We've accomplished so much.
In addition to the over $1.4 million given to the Ministry and Operating Fund so far, we have seen more than $150,000 given to the Project Africa matching fund, over $100,000 given to special local mission projects and to Mexico missions. And that doesn’t count the almost $300,000 contributed for participants to go to Africa. That's almost $2 million given toward IPC's mission already this year! In Matthew 6:21, Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” I feel like we’re showing Jesus where our hearts are by how much we’ve increased our participation in God’s mission at IPC and around the world.
It's not about the money—it's about the mission.
I don’t remember a time at IPC when we’ve heard so many stories about God at work: stories about short-term missions, about lives changed among our children in choir, VBS, Kid's Church, among our students at Woodbridge and other high schools, at Wednesday Night Refuel, and of IPC'ers who’ve been able to share their love for Christ with their neighbors or family. Sure we can measure attendance and financial giving, and we do, but the stories are what give us the true picture of how God is leading us to accomplish our mission of "disciples making disciples."
For your prayerful consideration.  
So while I’m incredibly encouraged about how God is watching over and blessing IPC, I’m also again inviting you to help us finish the year strong financially. After calculating our giving from this past Sunday, Dec 28, we have $120,000 remaining to meet our Vision Budget expenses for 2014. Please pray that we would reach our goal of covering all of IPC’s 2014 expenses, and if you have not yet given a year-end gift, pray about how God might want to use you to help us finish the year strong.

Visit our giving site, if you'd like to give online.

Thank you so much for your commitment to IPC and your generosity.
Happy new year, and God bless!
Jennifer Dietz
Treasurer, IPC Elder




If you have not yet given a year-end gift, pray about how God might want to use you to help us finish the year strong. Thank you so much for your commitment to IPC and your generosity.

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Giving Update
(since Nov 30)

Dec 7:  $70,000
Dec 14:  $150,000
Dec 21:  $185,000
Dec 28:  $215,000
Dec 29:  $255,000 total given

Current Need: $120,000

Give By December 31
For gifts to be considered tax deductible for the 2014 tax year, they must be postmarked, dropped off at the church office while the office is open, or contributed online using our secure online donation system on Dec 31. If you intend to contribute through your bank's bill pay system, please check with your financial institution for any specific timing requirements.
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Again, thank you so much for your commitment and generosity.


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